Iron Impetigo


Between the human realm and Faerie, a toxic curse is unleashed…

Daffodil the Flora Fairy’s immortal life is ruined when a cursed, carnivorous flower devours and regurgitates her. Her body is mutilated and rots from the inside out. The toxic curse spreads to all the Flora Fairies, both friend and foe.

They discover the curse contains cold iron, and it’s infected their beloved meadow home. The Flora Fairies are also taken aback to realize their magic is corrupted. As the curse intensifies, they must rally under Daffodil’s reluctant leadership.

Meanwhile, in Faerie, news of the iron poisoning reaches Reerunya, an innovative fairy queen with a penchant for science that often puts her at odds with her court. Duty calls her to the imperiled lands, with her magic-infused technology and reinforcements, to combat the curse. Tensions flare between Reerunya and the Flora Fairies as the queen intervenes.

Matters worsen when they realize the noxious cold iron is spreading deeper into Faerie. Will Daffodil, Reerunya, and their divided factions forgo long-standing rivalries and bonds to ensure their survival? Or will deep-rooted hatred doom their home?

Fly into a captivating narrative filled with fantasy, resilience, and the unprecedented journey of overcoming unexpected changes that are not just external but deeply personal.